Vision & Goals


The vision of Carpathian Basin is to found a brick and mortar Ltd by April 3, 2028 (After concluding the #111Months Challenge).

Carpathian Basin will focus on the following items:

  • Managing a healthy investment portfolio
  • Managing a healthy crypto portfolio
  • Setting up participations for future income
  • Establishing a real estate portfolio, starting my own office
  • Supporting the development and education of local community

Desk set up


Investment portfolio

A mix of dividend bearing stock combined with stock with good growth potential. Current portfolio:

  • Brewdog
    Early investment in 2008, when it was only a brewery in Schotland owned by 2 people and a dog, now it is a more than 1 billion dollar valued unicorn, with bars and breweries spread over the whole world.
  • Unicum
    My only Hungarian investment up to date. But the best dividend paying companies in Hungary with a stable valuation. The product is liquor.
  • Flex
    Current employer, would be crazy not to hold shares of the company you work for as long as you feel you have at least some influence on the profitability of this company
  • Abbvie
    One of the best dividend paying companies around. US based pharmaceuticals company. A spin off of Abbot laboratories
  • Altria
    One of the largest producers of tobacco products and also with a good dividend paying track record
  • Fitbit
    Bought Fitbit shares, after a huge valuation drop in order to secure some value increase for this financially healthy company with a good war chest.


Crypto portfolio

  • Bitcoin ($BTC) target 0.25
  • TRON ($TRX) target 1 Million
  • Bittorrent ($BTT) target 1 Million
  • Cardano ($ADA) target 25,000
  • Nano ($Nano) target 500
  • Waves ($Waves) target 250
  • Binance ($BNB) target 50
  • Ripple ($XRP) target 1,000
  • Wanchain ($WAN) target 1,000


Real Estate portfolio

The real estate portfolio is something which will come in play in the second half of the #111Months challenge, when there should be enough passive income to allow to safe for Real Estate investments.

There are three focus area’s for the Real Estate portfolio:

  1. Establish a loan free residency
  2. Own rental units in easy rent-able locations
  3. Own my own “brick and mortar” Carpathian basin office

Loan free residency.

At the start of the 111Months challenge, still around 40% of the value of my residency was mortgaged, but in the current pay back schedule, it will be completely mortgage free by the end of the #111Months challenge. Once that happens the focus will be to reduce monthly costs durable self sustaining energy solutions.

Owning rental units

Small easy to rent units in either highly populated popular area’s or in touristic area’s are on target to add to the investment portfolio. But for this the cash reserve (which is currently non-existing as all income is spend) needs to grow significantly. This part is only expected to happen in the last 25 months of the #111Months challenge.


Carpathian Basin office

When the #111Months challenge has finished, I will resign and start working from the Carpathian Basin office. The idea  is to grow this office into an incubator for local starting business, with support of Carpathian Basin in exchange for a small share of future revenue and profitability.

Architecture 2

Supporting local community

There are three ways in which I want to support the local community. It is a mix of visuals, knowledge and opportunity which reflects itself in:

  • Improve the face of the city;
  • Educate people in blockchain and investment possibilities;
  • Give youngster the opportunity to start.

city improvements

The little city of Dunaföldvár has some very nice features, but it has one problem that on every entry road to the city there are some worn down and heavily neglected buildings. Once Carpathian Basin has enough funds, it will buy, renovate and rent out some of these buildings to improve the face of the city.

Architecture 3

Blockchain and investment education

In order to improve the chance of people to keep up with latest technology and explaining the possibilities of what to do with resources, Carpathian Basin will set up an educational center to inform people on Blockchain, Investment possibilities and general technological advancements.

Office graph


Besides helping to build and educate the city, the third leg is to give starters an opportunity to have an easy start. For this an incubation center will be opened offering cheap and suitable office space combined with funding possibilities in case of proper ideas and business cases.

Office 1