Social Media

Part of making Carpathian Basin a brand is setting up a proper social media presence. The focus has been to set up a presence in the following social media platforms:

  • Telegram;
  • FIO-Social;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Facebook
  • Reddit.

An automatic connection has been established with Facebook and Twitter making sure any blog post on this website is shared on these platforms.


Telegram is the messaging platform well used by crypto-currency platforms. This is the main communication channel for the CITYUPTAKE project and the personalized Carpathian Basin profile (Carapthian) has been renamed to show the function within the CITYUPTAKE project:


Telegram is mainly used for gathering knowledge on crypto related projects which are of interest for possible investments.


FIO-social is the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter killer all in one. I am happy to be one of the first 100 people to register on this platform and recognize the potential of this platform. On this platform I am running both the CITYUPTAKE account and my Carapthian account, which I use to plug both Carpathian Basin and Oh!live.


The target is to achieve 2500 followers here. Currently the count is 553 so 20% of the target.


Twitter is the other platform where a following is important to reach a good following. On Twitter the same handle is used as on Telegram and FIO-Social, @Carapthian.

This platform is currently mainly used for the Crypto Twitter community.

The target is to achieve 2500 followers and current count is 235 (less than 10%).


Facebook will become more important when the community engagement becomes an issue. So no focus on this platform for now. However all blog posts are shared in here as well as in Twitter.


Instagram will also be in focus when community engagement becomes more important.


Reddit is a platform where a history has to be build up. Therefore besides being a member also a Carpathian-Basin platform has been set up.