Pi-token is the first token of the Promille project.

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Status of Pi-Token after 2 Months of operations

Why Pi?

There are 7 main reasons why investing in Pi token is a good idea:

Near 18% compound interest

Buy and accumulate: use the daily rewards to buy additional Pi tokens to get 17.73% annual return on investment:

Switching on autobuy, simulations show an annual compound interest rate of 17,7%

consistent daily rewards

From the moment of purchase the holder wallet of the Pi token will receive daily TRX rewards of 0.0448%.

Continuous growing daily rewards are being paid out

1:1 TRX backing

The Pi Token is 1:1 pegged with TRX so a holder of Pi Token can decide to exchange their token back to TRX. The pegging is assured to have a backing grade above 100%. The backing grade represents the TRX value held in the Pi wallets divided by the amount of Pi tokens held by people other than the founders. The founders have enough “skin in the game” to keep this backing grade above 100%

The backing grade is hovering around 120%

no kyc needed

We do NOT require Know Your Customer (KYC) for Pi token holders to receive rewards.

No minimum buy in

Our main purpose is to allow small token holders to benefit from our services without the need for big investment

100% transparancy

All wallets are split by function and are always published on our website to give full transparency and gain trust.

Double the rewards of SR voting

Holding Pi-tokens delivers double the daily rewards of voting for a Super Representative on the TRON blockchain.

Based on a snapshot on April 7, it shows holding Pi gives 205% of rewards vs SR vote

Pi-Token explained

Income distribution.

The income received by Pi-token is distributed to 4 different receivers:

  1. The Founders who receive 10% of the rewards to maintain and expand the eco-system.
  2. The token holders receiving 0,314% of their stake on a weekly base
  3. The reserve wallet, required for guaranteeing the 1:1 peg
  4. The winners of the game intended to drive traffic to our Telegram channel


This is going to sound silly. But Pi, my daughters b-day was coming up, I follow city uptake even though I can’t afford to be a stakeholder with them and saw an opportunity to have a safe way to earn a decent dividend that wasn’t directly from gambling.

So like, timing, fate, huge faith in tron and just really loved the well thought out whitepaper.


This token with continuous rewards and autobuy option is a great way to set up a self growing fund for the kids


Buy Some Pi and start earning