First designs

Inspired by our Autumn trip to Azerbaijan where we visited the beautiful Gobustan national park, I created the Gobustan 2018 t-shirt. The front is felled with the rock art, which is plentiful in the rocky surroundings.

Now the question is how to upgrade the Instagram posts in a way that they are not only about nice pictures of travels anymore but also about the product, the t-shirt. For this there are two options:

  1. The post with two pictures, the first being the picture describing the visited location and the second being the t-shirt. The risk however is that nobody will check the picture of the t-shirt, as based on my own experience I rarely look beyond the first picture.
  2. The collage, integrate the t-shirt picture with the pictures of the surroundings. Here the risk is that the power of the original picture is lost as it becomes part of a collection.

In the end I chose the collage. I am not sure this was the best choice….



Step by step I am setting up the right micro-climate for my apparel “kingdom”.

With a limited budget it takes a lot of investigation to find a way to set up a shop with a shipping solution and a kind of nice user interface.

At first I checked apparel design sites with the intention to set up a webshop. However the costs are high (300$ / year) and there are no shipping solutions combined with warehousing. So the alternative was to create a website and claim a small shop in a not too accessible clothing Webshop called storenvy.

As storenvy itself is difficult to find and once you find it, it is impossible to find Carpathian Basin, there is the need to drive customers to the webshop and here this website comes in. The other purpose of this website is to create a frame (story) behind the brand,

Than the next question is how to drive traffic to the website? For that on of the solutions is Instagram. So Carpathian Basin Instagram is now live as well!