The first arrivals

Around Christmas the time finally came the first batch arrived. Funnily it was the last batch that arrived first.

This batch was split into two parts and the last shipped arrived first. This batch had a pillow and the “Heart for Steam” shirt. Both were white basis with black and red prints and they looked and felt good.

Heart for Steam pillow

My brother would have his Christmas present. The second batch of the package from Estonia was the Blue HODL shirt and the second version of the Azerbaijan shirt.

Gobustan 2018 shirt

Both were big disappointments. The v-neck XL shirt was way too big for an XL and the print on the dark shirt didn’t really register.

From all shipments the best clothes were the Dresden shirt

Dresden front only

The first version of the Gobustan shirt:

Gobustan shirt

And the red Dunaföldvár hood. In the Blue Dunaföldvár shirt again the dark color of the fabric did not work with the prints.

So the learning are:

  • The colored logo only works on white therefore we need to use the black logo
  • Only use light colored shirts or black prints
  • The V-neck shirt is much bigger than it says
  • Try to prevent shipments from the US.

With all these learnings the next phase of the T-shirt designs starts.

Awaiting first shipments

In three batches have I ordered some products. Depending on the availability of the shirts, they are either produced in US or in the Baltic states.

As I found out both have their disadvantages. Ordering from US is extremely slow. After 4 weeks, the products finally arrive in Hungary, but they are intercepted by customs, which means some declarations are required to get them through. So still I have to wait some days before I will be able to judge the quality.

The shirts coming from the Baltic states are quicker, already in Hungary within a week from the order, however here I have to pre-pay VAT to be claimed back later.

Soon I will be able to touch the first shirts after seeing the outcome, I will have to start focusing on improving the supply chain.

Not only for boys …

So far I have been creating clothes mainly for the male part of our society as I have been creating clothes for myself to wear. With the first batches of clothes on the way to my home, I decided it is about time to design clothes for ladies as well.

Therefore having my wife and daughter in mind, I came up with the Dunaföldvár girls shirts.

A nice V-neck lady shirt in two colors with which my ladies can walk through our beautiful little city with pride. The next batch of shirts to arrive will contain a black on for my daughter and a grey one for my wife.

Christmas presents

Slowly Christmas gets closer and closer so it is time to think of the Christmas presents.

My brother is a fervent Steam train freak. He travels all over Europe to visit exhibitions and conferences. It is his work and his hobby and he is the most difficult person in this world to buy Christmas presents for. But this year it has become easier.

I decided to make the “Heart for Steam” line:

It consists of a nice pillow and a shirt:

I guess it is better than the collections of beer what I normally buy for him. Now I only need to hope that it will arrive at my home before Christmas.

A front only version is available in the webshop:



A family member got me interested in crypto-currencies and appearantly the market right now is domitaed by bears and everybody is eagerly awaiting the bulls to return and boost the value of the cryptocurrencies up again.

People who are eagerly holding on to their investments having the faith that soon the market will turn around and the value of their portfolio will shoot for the moon are people who HODL (hold on for dear life) their investment.

HODL Cardano

Cardano is one of the promising cryptocurrencies out there and that is why I created the “Cardano HODL!” t-shirt.

Designing the shirts

What can I say here, it is clearly a case of “practice makes perfect”. I started fooling around with designing some shirts about a month ago and was pretty happy with the results, but if I look back at the first designs and compare to where I am right now, I can say that the first results where not that good.

To reach version 2, I first needed to learn about vectors and the use of them. Just glueing a picture on a shirt will only work if the background of the picture is identical to the background of the shirt. Lettertypes, style, it all needs to fit and fortunately with the final version of the Gobustan shirt I feel it all came together.

Slowly but steadily the shop is getting it rightful shape. Keep you updated!

First designs

Inspired by our Autumn trip to Azerbaijan where we visited the beautiful Gobustan national park, I created the Gobustan 2018 t-shirt. The front is felled with the rock art, which is plentiful in the rocky surroundings.

Now the question is how to upgrade the Instagram posts in a way that they are not only about nice pictures of travels anymore but also about the product, the t-shirt. For this there are two options:

  1. The post with two pictures, the first being the picture describing the visited location and the second being the t-shirt. The risk however is that nobody will check the picture of the t-shirt, as based on my own experience I rarely look beyond the first picture.
  2. The collage, integrate the t-shirt picture with the pictures of the surroundings. Here the risk is that the power of the original picture is lost as it becomes part of a collection.

In the end I chose the collage. I am not sure this was the best choice….