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Carpathian Brokerage

Carpathian Basin is preparing a cooperative brokerage. The idea is to team up with a group of up to 11 people to jointly pool the funds to fuel the Carpathian Brokerage (similar to the COTI Community node set up)

Legal set up of Carpathian Brokerage


The accessibility of the wallet used for the brokerage is managed through an escrow agreement

Unincorp JOInt v.

The funds deposited to fuel the brokerage are identified in a “unincorporated joint venture” agreement ensuring the participants to guarantee ownership


Besides the cooperative brokerage there is an option to offer Flexible (reduced) staking for participants outside the cooperative.


An escrow agreement is set up. This means the wallet and node login data are stored in a sealed manner at a lawyer, so the participants in the node have access to the log in information in case of an event with Carpathian Basin Kft.


All participants in the brokerage will sign an unincorporated Joint Venture agreement, which secures their portion of stake in the ORN brokerage and defines how the revenue will be distributed.


A second layer of stake will be offered for people who want to have the flexibility to Stake while having the option to step out when possible.

Flexible stake addition to Carpathian Brokerage.

Carpathian Basin will create a $CORN token which will be 1:1 backed with $ORN tokens staked in the Carpathian Brokerage. The rewards generated by these staked $ORN tokens will be distributed in the following manner:
– 80% will be distributed to the $CORN token as additional $CORN tokens
-5% will be distributed proportionally to the participants in the staking cooperative
-15% will be distributed to Carpathian Basin to fund the flexibility

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