My Crypto portfolio showcases the various crypto projects in which I am invested and in which I see the potential for wealth increase in the future.

Crypto projects.

The Blockchains I am invested in are the following:

  • TRON
  • NANO

For Crypto progress I am tracking the value of the following chains in details: TRX, XRP, BTT, NANO, ADA. The other projects’ bag is still to insignificant to be tracked in detail.

Portfolio profitability of tracked projects

The portfolio profitability shows how much the value of the total hold of the coin is versus the money invested in the coin. It is visible that with the current values (November 4, 2019) only $TRX is in profit, while $BTT is not too far off. $NANO, which was the first Crypto I bought in March 2018, still has a far road to travel.

Profitability of Crypto investments

The graph above shows the value of the tracked Crypto portfolio (blue) versus the invested amount of USD (orange) and the resulting profitability of the portfolio (Red). Due to the fact that the vast majority of my crypto hold is TRX and that is the only coin in profitable status, the whole portfolio is profitable.

Within TRON blockchain, I have invested in several projects bringing passive income. The majority of the passive income is coming from CITYUPTAKE and WINK.

Passive income on TRON blockchain.

The daily passive income is continuously growing to a level of close to 20 USD per day. The average daily TRX rewards are close to 900 $TRX per day. This passive income is a key element on the #111Month challenge

For all crypto tokens a holding target has been established and the graph below shows the progress compared to the targets.

The amount of crypto held versus the targets.

In order to meet the $TRX targets, temporary I sacrificed my holds in $XRP, $ADA and $BTT. In the meantime $BTT is back at original level, $ADA is in recovery and $XRP is stagnated.

Crypto’s explained in more detail

Tron Blockchain.

Tron blockchain is in my view one of the most advanced blockchains out there. The hold in $TRX is actually a distribution of holds on tron blockchain in a variety of Tokens:

Distribution of tokens on the TRON blockchain.

The vast majority is held in CITYUPTAKE, which is providing daily and weekly rewards and CITY, which is providing monthly rewards.

Also on some gambling sites like WINk, & Play, providing daily rewards.

IGG and TERC are supporting a wider variation of dAPPS with future potential and TRUC has an interesting scheme in place to bring value to the token.

A value of over 1 million $TRX is held and with that the target hold is there. CITYUPTAKE token rewards are continuously being used to partially repurchase CITYUPTAKE tokens and increase the stack, partially to buy small new dApps with future potentials and partially to convert to other blockchains to bring them to the targeted hold level.