Carpathian COTI Node

Carpathian Basin has been selected to run a Community Node on COTI blockchain. After running a month as COTI Community Node, our name has now been changed to Carpathian COTI Node

In time we will add three sections to this website, which we will fill with content gradually. These sections are:

  1. Introducing the team behind the Carpathian Basin Community Node;
  2. COTI blockchain explained;
  3. Carpathian Basin Community Node roadmap.

Telegram channel

We have build a Telegram channel, which will be filled with value add content for people curious about COTI. The intention is also to have it as a meeting ground for people who are staking on The COTI Community Node and for people who want to engage in value add conversations about COTI.

Logo of the COTI Community Node Telegram channel

Node domain

The domain name of the (current testnode) is .Once it is up and running as a mainnet node, this is how it will operate:

Functioning of the COTI node

The Testnet node is running and as soon as the instructions are clear we will scale up to become a Community Node on the mainnet.

Vultr server

The server for the Node is a cloud based server on Vultr. Please use this code to set up a cloud based server:


The main support to set up the TestNode was coming from WolfCrypto.


The Carpathian Basin node is being run by a multinational team of crypto enthusiasts with lots of blockchain community support experience.


Introducing the team behind the COTI Community Node:

John Wood: John is a wizard of blockchain programming. He is the brain behind all the scripts running in several TRON blockchain projects and he has also been keeping a Cardano node up and running.

Rob Nickel: Rob is the knight of community engagement. The oil in the engine of any team.

David Hohnholt: David is the master of graphic content who is pumping out high quality graphics content at a steady pace.

Maurice Deuss: Maurice is the king of data analytics. Give him data and he will convert it into easy to understand graphs bringing clarity in the matter.

Carpathian Basin is an investment project chasing passive income and wealth to achieve early retirement and to support the local community.

Let’s build something together.