COTI Full Node

Carpathian Basin is on the road of becoming a full node for COTI. The domain name of the (current testnode) is .Once it is up and running, this is how it will operate:

Functioning of the COTI node

The Testnet node is running and the funds have been gathered to allow enough staking power to become an advanced node.

Vultr server

The server for the Node is a cloud based server on Vultr. Please use this code to set up a cloud based server:


The main support to set up the TestNode was coming from WolfCrypto.


The Carpathian Basin node has the ambition of being an advanced node and will be run by a team of CITYUPTAKE agents.

Top Blockfyre rating while rating small cap Blockchain projects.

Carpathian Basin is an investment project chasing passive income and wealth to achieve early retirement and to support the local community.

Let’s build something together.