CITYUPTAKE, is one of the key pillars of my #111Months early investment challenge.

In October 2018 I became a holder of CITYUPTAKE and in July 2019 I became an agent.

What is CITYUPTAKE? CITYUPTAKE is a voting platform on the TRON block-chain which gives a right to service, aka rewards. You purchase CITYUPTAKE tokens, which are 1:1 backed by TRX tokens for 1,35 TRX each and they will provide you daily SR voting reward income and weekly Trade Desk income:

CU explained

Since its inception, CITYUPTAKE has been providing very healthy rewards, resulting in a good passive income:

7 months holder data

The plan is for TRX to appreciate in value, so that the weekly rewards from CITYUPTAKE provide a healthy portion of the passive income which is needed for early retirement.