CITYUPTAKE, is one of the key pillars of my #111Months early investment challenge.

In October 2018 I became a holder of CITYUPTAKE and in July 2019 I became an agent.

Below some graphs are shown, showing the power of CITYUPTAKE supported by numbers, showing great returns and solid consistency.

Reward & Stake for a wallet holding 100k CITYUPTAKE tokens.

This graph shows that holding 100k CITYUPTAKE tokens means that your share of the total supply decreases continuously but the rewards you reserve on a weekly base move consistently within a certain weekly reward range between 800 and 1000 TRX on a weekly base.

The amount of TRX paid out to all holders on a weekly base

This graph shows that we are close to crossing the 400k rewards per week level after hovering in the high 300k region for a while

Cumulative rewards paid out by CITYUPTAKE since its inception

The graph above shows the amount of TRX paid out by CITYUPTAKE to its token holders since its inception. In May we project to pass the magic border of 25 million TRX.


What is CITYUPTAKE? CITYUPTAKE is a voting platform on the TRON block-chain which gives a right to service, aka rewards. You purchase CITYUPTAKE tokens, which are 1:1 backed by TRX tokens for 1,35 TRX each and they will provide you daily SR voting reward income and weekly Trade Desk income:

CU explained

Since its inception, CITYUPTAKE has been providing very healthy rewards, resulting in a good passive income:

7 months holder data

The plan is for TRX to appreciate in value, so that the weekly rewards from CITYUPTAKE provide a healthy portion of the passive income which is needed for early retirement.