Crypto portfolio revisited

Changing the targets of my crypto portfolio

I would call the progressive knowledge impact. As time progresses knowledge increases which can lead to new insights. My original Crypto portfolio with its targets was like:

Crypto portfolio and targets in November 2019.

Now half a year later some significant changes have been made;

First of all the targets have been modified for both ADA and TRX.

ADA because the going live of Shelley Testnet really showed some progress, but unfortunately things slowed down again.
TRX because I increased my target hold on TRX based projects like CITYUPTAKE and CITY Alpha and added another project to my portfolio being Pi-Token.

Second, I removed Gulden from my portfolio targets as the availability is not growing in line with my expectations. Only available in smaller exchanges which doesn’t bode well in my view

Third, I added three more coins to my target hold:

  1. COTI as it has a great potential in my view to become a major payment solution for online and brick and mortar sales channels. It is already generating cash and sharing revenue with its holders through staking.
  2. CHZ as it is a token for sportsfans, as with the current COVID physical presence at the games is being limited, I foresee games in the near future being played in empty stadiums while people watch the games from home, having a token of your favorite team which brings you extra benefits could become a big deal.
  3. MCO as it is the token for the platform. The supply is limited and you need these tokens in order to get into higher service tiers. Compared to other platforms which offer services to convert Crypto into Fiat, has a solid feel.

Let’s see how long these targets will stand.

Author: Carapthian

A project interested in building a structure for early retirement by engaging in promising (crypto) projects and companies generating enough passive income to chase my dream

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