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My thought on diversifying into COTI
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In the continuous quest for rewarding projects, I stumbled up $COTI when they were competing for a spot in the Binance listing.

COTI (Currency of the Internet) is a crypto-currency with a very small market cap at this moment but with a lot of potential. The intent is to be a currency on the internet or brick and mortar stores, with the potential for merchants to create their own currency on the COTI platform or to create their own loyalty program.

The transactions go through nodes who are operated by holders of the $COTI coin. For running a node, you need to stake at least 100k $COTI and for an advanced node, you will need to stake 250k $COTI. The expected returns on an advanced node is considerably higher than on a regular node.

If you don’t posses enough $COTI to run a node, you can stake some (5 or 10k) through a community node.

The thorough KYC process one has to go through to be able to open a wallet, creates trust and shows this is a project which takes the future compliance needs serious, just like CITYUPTAKE on the TRON blockchain.

With a market cap below 2 Million USD at the moment, this seems to be a safe project to invest in, as the progress is great.

Therefore since I have found out about $COTI I have been using half of my weekly $CITYUPTAKE rewards to build a stack of $COTI coins with the plan to have my node running in the first quarter of 2020.

Author: Carapthian

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