Full change.

So what remains the same? The name!

Carpathian Basin is here to stay!

The focus changes.

What initiated the change?

The #111Months challenge was the originator of the change of focus. One thing became clear, the intention is not to focus on one business as apparently I am a multi focus person.

With a considerable hold in Brewdog, being part of the Oh!Live start up. Now supporting CITYUPTAKE as an active agent, while actively investing in stocks and crypto currencies it became clear that I am a serial investor.

#111Month challenge

As the #111Months challenge shows, I want to use this passion to achieve early retirement at the age of 55.

Not to retire, but to stop being a employee and becoming an employer. The base requirements to achieve this are the exact goals of the #111Month challenge. If these goals are achieved, Carapthian Basin will become an official Ltd with its own office.


The focus will be increasing wealth through smart investments combined with improving the local community by allocating a portion of revenue to this goal.


There are still 102 months left on the #111Month challenge to work out and execute this plan.

This website will be overhauled to show the plan, the bison, the approach and the progress.

Author: Carapthian

A project interested in building a structure for early retirement by engaging in promising (crypto) projects and companies generating enough passive income to chase my dream

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