The first arrivals

Around Christmas the time finally came the first batch arrived. Funnily it was the last batch that arrived first.

This batch was split into two parts and the last shipped arrived first. This batch had a pillow and the “Heart for Steam” shirt. Both were white basis with black and red prints and they looked and felt good.

Heart for Steam pillow

My brother would have his Christmas present. The second batch of the package from Estonia was the Blue HODL shirt and the second version of the Azerbaijan shirt.

Gobustan 2018 shirt

Both were big disappointments. The v-neck XL shirt was way too big for an XL and the print on the dark shirt didn’t really register.

From all shipments the best clothes were the Dresden shirt

Dresden front only

The first version of the Gobustan shirt:

Gobustan shirt

And the red Dunaföldvár hood. In the Blue Dunaföldvár shirt again the dark color of the fabric did not work with the prints.

So the learning are:

  • The colored logo only works on white therefore we need to use the black logo
  • Only use light colored shirts or black prints
  • The V-neck shirt is much bigger than it says
  • Try to prevent shipments from the US.

With all these learnings the next phase of the T-shirt designs starts.