First designs

Inspired by our Autumn trip to Azerbaijan where we visited the beautiful Gobustan national park, I created the Gobustan 2018 t-shirt. The front is felled with the rock art, which is plentiful in the rocky surroundings.

Now the question is how to upgrade the Instagram posts in a way that they are not only about nice pictures of travels anymore but also about the product, the t-shirt. For this there are two options:

  1. The post with two pictures, the first being the picture describing the visited location and the second being the t-shirt. The risk however is that nobody will check the picture of the t-shirt, as based on my own experience I rarely look beyond the first picture.
  2. The collage, integrate the t-shirt picture with the pictures of the surroundings. Here the risk is that the power of the original picture is lost as it becomes part of a collection.

In the end I chose the collage. I am not sure this was the best choice….

Author: Carapthian

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