#111 Months Challenge

The #111Months challenge which should result in early retirement at the age of 55. Enabling the establishment of a “brick and mortar” investment and community support company.

The goals to achieve are a combined liquid wealth (stocks, crypto, life insurance & cash) of minimum 500 Million Hungarian Forints

Also a passive income of at least 3 Million Hungarian Forints per months needs to be in place to achieve a risk free retirement with the establishment of Carpathian Basin Kft.


Loan repayment proves to be a big consistent driver behind the wealth growth, compensating the further decline in Crypto-currency values while stock values seem to be pretty stable.

The daily rounding activity to add some Satochi’s to my BTC stack day by day continuous and I am getting close to the first 0,1 $BTC goal with 0,0875 $BTC.

Re-exploring the Cardano roadmap, I have started funneling part of my TRX rewards from the CITYUPTAKE trade desk into Cardano for future potential. But I continue to work towards my 1 Million $TRX short term goal, while establishing a 25k $ADA goal.

During this month no further cash injections are planned.



Wealth continues to grow. Some additional investment in shares has occurred. Passive income recovered slightly. All indicators are still slightly ahead of target but the low values in Crypto currencies is impacting the overall view.



Compared to #111/6 the wealth has slightly increased (additional Pension contribution while dropping Crypto values) but the passive income has reduced. This is mainly due to a significant drop in the value of Crypto-currencies, as this has been the main source of Passive Income.



The first time to publish the status was in July after finishing 5 months of tracking progress.

5,6% of the total time has passed and in this time,

1,9% of the wealth goal has been met, negative wealth is certainly a thing of the past now
12% of the passive income goal is met, mainly through CITYUPTAKE Trade Desk rewards.